Alberto San Martin

Alberto developed his deeply ingrained passion for music, while still a child growing up in his native Chile.  He would do anything to have time for his music and had his math teacher who was an accomplished musician teach him guitar rather than math.


Since arriving in Calgary in 1979, Alberto has been involved in various musical groups, performing a diverse array of Latin musical genres, in the capacities of musician, singer, composer and director.


He is a graduate from the jazz program at Grant McEwan College in Edmonton, having studied guitar and composition.  A significant highlight of his professional career is being awarded the prestigious Juno award in 1993 for his work on the album "El Camino Real", recorded by the renowned Latin American group, "Ancient Cultures". 


His current repertoire is a collection of original compositions infused Latin and South American rhythms and sounds.  These most recent compositions are primarily performed by Alberto on guitar, but feature other indigenous South American instruments, such as zamponas, quenas and charango.




Over the years, he has played in coffee houses, released four CD's as part of the groups Ancient Cultures and BC Salsa and played with well known recording artists, Oscar Lopez and Israel "Toto" Berriel of Los Munequitos.  Alberto has recently been inspired to create a new sound, with his composition of original melodies - a blend of Latin percussion rhythms infused with Cuban, South American and Jazz influences.


Alberto San Martin is a passionate man of vision who never gives up on his dreams.  He is truly one of the most versatile musicians in the city of Calgary!